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The best way to track, communicate, and understand pain.

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Don't settle for a scale of 1-10. GeoPain is a clinically proven mobile app and API that allows for the precise capturing and communication of pain. It’s intuitive, customizable, and proven to outperform the 1-10 scale.

Latest News

Partner Focus: Willow Curve

Willow and GeoPain have joined forces to better serve chronic pain patients. The Willow Curve's proven pain treatment device and GeoPain's precision pain measures will allow patients to better manage their pain.

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Study: Sickle-Cell Disease

Working with University of Michigan, GeoPain is being used to remotely track patient's pain and provide deeper insight into this complex condition.

For Patients...

Capture what matters and share your pain with those who can help.

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For Research...

Avoid making the wrong mistake with precision pain measures

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