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The best tool for tracking and communicating your pain.

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You can get better if you own your care.

“The BEST way to track your pain with AMAZING people behind it. The people behind this app truly desire to help others, empowering those who otherwise may lose their voice in today's busy healthcare environment.”

-- GeoPain User

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GeoPain is a clinically proven mobile app that allows for the precise capturing and communication of pain. It’s intuitive, customizable, and proven to outperform the 1-10 scale. leading to better care.

You may need to press "PLAY" twice

Pain doesn’t need to be complicated

Quickly and easily track every aspect of your pain over time using our intuitive 3D body interface.

Every pain journey is unique

Capture what matters to you and SHOW others what you are going through with GeoPain’s visual reports and analysis.

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Your pain is more than just a number!

GeoPain moves beyond the traditional 1-10 pain scale by allowing you to log specific 3d points and areas of pain along with triggers, symptoms, and treatments you have tried.

Rich data and detailed reports

Create detailed visual reports that show exactly where you hurt, how much, over time. Add to it symptoms, triggers, and treatments and your journey becomes a powerful tool for making decisions.

Understanding Reports ►

Clinically proven and patient approved.

Designed and actively used by patients, researchers, and doctors. GeoPain is crafted to your needs.

The Science of GeoPain ►

You are not alone

It can feel like it sometimes, but you are not alone. Thousands use GeoPain to better measure and manage their pain.

Care about your privacy?

We do too, which is why we use the highest health security standards (HIPAA, HITRUST) to protect your data and privacy.

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